Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Most Useful Item You Should Have For Your Bag - PURSE ORGANIZER INSERTS

When I first saw other seller selling this purse organizer inserts , I was wondering does this item really useful or practical? Then, I start to make one, as a try-out, further testing with few sizes, try to get the best measurement needed for each pocket sizes, and after I have experimental it myself, YES, I DO BELIEVE SO that it is actually a very useful and essential item to have for a handbag.
Since my shop is selling handmade bags, I don't see why not I sell purse organizer inserts too, it just make sense.

I now have 3 sizes available for this products in which I think that is most suitable for any type of bags.

First pic is small - 20" long, 2nd pic is medium - 24" long and 3rd pic is large 27" long.

They comes in many different colors, some has matching bags too. Pricing are from USD14.80 for large, USD12.80 for medium and USD10.80 for small.  Items are all available at

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